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Final Fantasy XIV Overview and Top Boosting Options for the Game

By now, everybody should know about the difficult story of the fall and unprecedented rise of Final Fantasy XIV. A completely different, beautiful world in the fictional country of Eorzea has conquered the hearts of over 24 million players. FFXIV preserves the firm spirit of a classic MMORPG that hasn’t been seen in a game of its kind for a long time. And everything is generously sprinkled with an exciting story on top of that.

Eorzea and the Plot

The keen creators of FFXIV had to work hard over the release of this grandiose part of the franchise. The events take place on the fictional planet Hydaelyn – a wonderful vast realm with dynamic environments and atmospheric shifting climates. The attack by the army of the Harlean Empire brought on many seemingly unrepairable disasters. But after five years, a new era of Eorzea began, called the Age of Peace, thanks to which the inhabitants were able to ultimately reinforce their homeworld’s protection.

In-game activities

Among all the standard open-world PvE questing and PvP stuff, Final Fantasy XIV has a ton of mini-games and events that will keep every keen player engaged – the creators really put their heart and soul into making this one pretty diverse in terms of general gameplay.

Namely, there are:

  • For fans of card games – Triple Triad – in-game card matches where players may challenge each other to a match in certain locations. Weekly challenges for the top players apply;
  • Deep Dungeon – the MMORPG classics homage in the form of challenging dungeons with hordes of enemies and loads of loot;
  • Chocobo Racing – race your Chocobo to raise its level and create more powerful evolved Chocobo hybrids;
  • Lord of Verminion – a whole mini-RTS tournament for your Chocobo pet on top of the legendary race.

At WowVendor, you can find affordable Final Fantasy XIV services that will help you boost both your character’s and your Chocobo’s level through a variety of quests, activities, in-game events, and more. Achieve fantastic powerleveling results and start really enjoying the game without the necessary hardcore challenge.


Creating a character in FF is a typical MMORPG editor tweaking. You may pick from six races to play for – Hyur, Elezen, Lalafell, Miqo’te, Roegadyn, Au Ra. A proper Final Fantasy XIV boost will help you develop race-specific and class-specific abilities and get exclusive achievements in no time.

There are nine classes in all to pick from, each spawning you in respective parts of Eorzea:

  • Archer
  • Conjurer
  • Lancer
  • Arcanist
  • Marauder
  • Rogue
  • Gladiator
  • Pugilist
  • Thaumaturge

With timely FFXIV boosting, squeezing the maximum possible capabilities out of each class becomes a breeze. 

Boosting Your Game Via FFXIV Carry Service

The most interesting and engaging part of FFXIV starts at higher levels. And the higher you go, the harsher the challenge becomes, with fierce enemies lurking around to take advantage of the level difference and hinder your in-game progress. In order to concentrate on the fun and achieve great results without farming and grinding hours on end, you can hire professional FF14 boosters that will help you manually boost your in-game character’s level in the shortest terms possible.

Picking the fitting Final Fantasy XIV boosting services, you can set up your own custom power leveling boost tailored to your preferences, play style, and other specifics. All services are transparent and protected, you can monitor your FF XIV carries in real time via a private Twitch streaming channel.

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