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Elden Ring brings the souls-like action back in all its glory — and players from all over the world enjoy diving into the game to explore a new world of dark fantasy and find the answer to the main question — what is Elden Ring? In the game, you will find a fascinating plot, in which J. Martin himself, the author of Song of Ice and Fire (on which the TV series Game of Thrones was filmed) had a hand. 

However, in addition to the huge and exciting open world, breathtaking PVP battles are also waiting for you. The studio has upgraded the weapon system by adding the ability to enchant it with the Ashes of War — and now battles with other players play with completely new colors.

Nevertheless, fights with experienced and skillful players, as well as the passage of the game itself, which carries the «You-Defited» hardcore legacy of its predecessors, is not an easy task. That’s why WowVendor is always here to help you, offering Elden Ring boosting services. 

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Affordable and easy Runes farm

The higher the level, the stronger your character is. With increasing stats, the use of a variety of spells, armor, and weapons becomes available. In the beginning, you can choose different classes in Elden Ring to get a slight advantage on the stats you want to max out later. 

To level up your character, as well as to buy items from merchants, you will need a lot of Runes. Runes in the Elden Ring game are the same currency as Souls in DS series or Blood Echoes in Bloodborne. 

Our simple and convenient Runes Boost Service offers you any number of Runes to quickly upgrade your character. After purchasing the service, our specialist will transfer you all the necessary items in-game. For PC version owners, an account share option is also available. 

Whether you want to strengthen an existing character, or create a new one for a different build – in just one click you will get what you need.

Get any Desired Weapon and Armor Set

Weapons and armor are the most needed and important equipment in Elden Ring tools of victory. Your success in passing the game and PVP battles depends on it.

You will need different weapons for different builds, and also you may need a certain type of weapons to defeat some enemies. For example, some mobs in locations can be especially vulnerable to piercing attacks – and this requires piercing weapons, respectively.

You can’t do without good armor in the game as well — it increases resistance to various types of damage and provides many bonus effects. Sometimes, in order to pass a certain location or a boss, you may need the right set of armor just to get the proper protection. 

The game walkthrough, PVP builds, character customizations — there can be several reasons for getting different weapons and armor sets. But if you do not want to spend your time and efforts on farming each of them, then you can appeal for our Weapons Farm and Armor Sets Farm

Just choose any equipment item you want — and our professional player will easily get you one. Enjoy!

Defeat the annoying Boss

If you are tired of seeing «you are defeated» on your screen, and you can’t wait to continue playing the game, then you are at the right place. Simply go to the Bosses Defeat Boost service and choose the most suitable option of killing the desired creature.

If you are choosing an account share option, then you have to make sure the claimed boss is available to fight. In this case, our professional player will defeat him for you on your account. By the time you enter the game, the monster will already be finished.

The second option allows you to defeat the boss together — you just need to summon our player in the game and have fun watching the creature die at your hands.

Powerleveling and Campaign walkthrough

Passing NG+, getting achievements, or something else – with the Rent a pro Service, you can entrust our specialist with any task. 

Hourly services include many assignments:

  • Farming resources;
  • Defeating bosses;
  • Passing the campaign;
  • Any other specified average activity.

You can ask our professional player for a private stream of high quality so that you can enjoy the colorful walkthrough or epic boss fights. This will also be useful if you are booking a multi-hour boost and want to coordinate the booster. Great game guides live by the way!

In addition to regular hiring, we provide our customers with the service of a Level 500 Boosting

At the end of the boost, you get an incredibly strong character who is ready for the toughest challenges.

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