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Evil has returned in Sanctuary and Great Nephalem defend the ancient lands. Players choose one of six classes, each with 12 unique abilities, upgrade options and possibility of creating different builds, throughout their adventures:

Barbarian — powerful fighter, capable of literally destroying his enemies with ancient power;

Crusader — warrior of light who has dedicated his life to fighting evil;

Demon Hunter — nimble and very dangerous soldier, able to fight opponents at distance;

Monk — hand-to-hand combat master, inflicting thousands of blows on his opponents;

Necromancer — use their powers to bring dead bodies back to life and fight on their side;

Wizard — control magic power and attack opponents from afar, leaving no chance.

DI story takes place between D2/D3, at a time when Tyrael was presumed to be dead and the minions of darkness were trying to bring their lord back.

Diablo Immortal Main Services

The game is quite similar to D3, but still has its differences. Diablo Immortal, is still an ARPG, where you grind quite a lot. DI page contains all necessary services that Nephalem need during their travels:

  • Character Leveling;
  • Items Farming;
  • Campaign Walkthrough;
  • Exp Farm;
  • Rifts;
  • Battle Pass Boost.

All of these activities are time-consuming, and most locations are directly related to character lvl. You can’t get into level 55+ territory if you’re level 54. Not everyone is willing to devote as much time to grinding, leveling or farming as the game intends. That’s why boosting services come for help.

Types of Diablo Immortal Carry Services

Diablo Immortal has a huge number of different items, sets, quests, bosses, and activities that range from a mere minute to several days to complete. The developers reported that it’s possible to devote not much time on gameplay, but to become the strongest Nephalem, you’ll need to constantly grind or complete all activities. Carry services help players with this.

Character Leveling

As with all Diablo titles, players must complete a leveling stage, and then begin their ventures in main content – the endgame. Experience is gained by killing enemies, but more exp is required as you lvl up. A small amount of experience is gained from Achievements.

One of the best ways to lvl as fast as possible are Bounties, but they also have their limitations — maximum of 12 per day. They are very different, ranging from killing simple enemies, to killing bosses in a raid. 

Surely you won’t make it far by just grinding monsters, so instead you should focus on completing time-limited events and bounties. Over time, it gets boring or there is not enough time to get a cap. In this case, you can turn to Diablo Immortal leveling or exp farm boosting service, where your character will become a  level 60 Nephalem in 2-5 days, with a starting set of necessary reagents, items and completed campaign. 

Battle Pass Boost

With a Battle Pass you earn gold, honor, rare glyphs, various materials, gems, or legendary equipment. The best way to power up a Battle Pass — Codex/Activities, where you get points. There are dungeons, rifts, killing bosses or a huge number of enemies in the world, different tasks to buy or craft items. 

The more points, the faster Battle Pass improves, but it also takes a lot of time. Obtaining BP levels also gains character experience.

Items Farming

A character’s power is related to gear he wears. Diablo Immortal items farming system is borrowed from other parts, which at initial stages allows you to either create necessary equipment, or get it from killed opponents. After lvl 30 it becomes much harder to get anything of value, because of which you have to farm Rifts or bosses. All items are obtained during the game, and improved rare or legendary gear materials can be found during walkthrough.

Obtaining some legendary items is impossible for the average player who gives the game 30 minutes a day. Each character has 12 equipment slots. The main equipment slots are used for legendary items that change skill effects, and with additional attributes and magic characteristics from secondary slots you improve or tweak your progression.

Getting items in DI takes a lot of time. Each item needs finding and improving, but only diligent players get a complete set. Purchasing items farming boosts make your character a real demon slayer, and in future, allow you to fight back against all infidels in PvP.

Campaign Walkthrough

Diablo Immortal is a large-scale project, which means the game storyline is quite extensive. Players fight back against Skeleton King with his queen, fight minions of darkness, then finish Tyrael’s job. The last horadrim Deckard Cain, familiar from other parts, helps them. All of this is presented in the form of a huge campaign that must be completed as character is leveled up. Many people want to start Paragon leveling, but everyone is on equal footing. Only experienced players know how to complete the campaign much faster, and you can hire one from WowVendor for a nice and quick Diablo Immortal campaign completion  


As in D3, there are two types of rifts. They work according to a similar concept: in a certain time you need to kill mobs, fill progress bars, kill bosses, and then get rewards.

Elder — reward depends on special items called «Crest». They also affect rift difficulty, adding a number of negative and positive modifiers.

Challenge — a kind of competitive mode, the complexity of which increases as you pass levels. As a reward for each level completed, resources are given to improve equipment, resources for crafting gems and a special currency «Honor». The latter exchanges for a variety of goods from the relevant NPC.

The former are ideal for endless farming, and the latter are designed to promote a leader system. Buying Elder or Challenge Rifts boosting allows you to rise to leaderboard top and get all resources you need to improve your character.

Diablo Immortal Guide & Useful Tips

Blizzard has stated that DI is the biggest project in Diablo universe. Game is overflowing with content, and millions of players have already downloaded it to their devices. Previously, we published Diablo Immortal Beginners Guide for anyone who wants to understand the game’s mechanics as quickly as possible and keep up with others. In addition, you need to know some subtleties for a perfect start. Especially for this, we’ve prepared some useful tips:

  1. Play on both PCs and mobile devices, if possible. This allows you to do many activities from phone and important activities from PC without wasting farm time;
  2. There is no donation in game and don’t count on it — all items are obtained by your own efforts;
  3. Choose a class and find appropriate guide — so you quickly understand game mechanics and level up faster;
  4. It’s worth to buy Battle Pass, as it has almost everything needed for a perfect start;
  5. Create a team with friends and play as a squad. That way you’ll be able to complete more activities and get useful rewards, and gameplay become more fun and intense;
  6. Try to get level 40 as quickly as possible to start pushing BP and doing more useful tasks;
  7. Be careful with populated realms with red marks — there can be large queues;
  8. Turn on a useful menu feature called Auto Pick Up;
  9. Don’t forget about Codex – there located useful rewards for simplest tasks and activities;
  10. Perform Bounties, Dungeons and kill Bosses as soon as they are available. It’s a mobile game where you need to spend a lot of time.

The most important advice: buy Diablo Immortal boosting services if you don’t have enough time or energy to farm, leveling or other game moments. DI — mobile grind game that’s very hard to play in session. Professionals are ready to help at any time with their best efforts.

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