Castle Nathria Raid Boost: New Items, Mounts, and Quests

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Season 4 brings a lot of groundbreaking changes to Shadowlands content, raiding in particular. Going deeper into the recycling line, the devs introduce a brand-new Fated system to spice up well-familiar raids and add an extra layer of difficulty for players to take on.

WoW raids are a truly arduous undertaking, even without Fated affixes and tiers, so to increase your chances of success, we’d recommend getting Castle Nathria Fated raid services. But first of all, let’s see what the new raid affix mechanics involve and what it all means for us as players.

A New Take on Shadowlands Raids

What does your typical Castle Nathria Fated run look like?

First off, Fated raids rotate on a weekly basis, which means the new system doesn’t always apply to CN, as well as other instances. It’s not like you have to farm all three Shadowlands raids non-stop, no. Every week one of the existing Shadowlands raids is tagged as Fated, and the rest are available in their regular form. The devs tease that at some point all raids are going to be Fated at the same time, but it won’t happen any time soon since Season 4 has only just begun.

Secondly, a Fated CN is sufficiently more difficult than its non-Fated version. A more or less decent PvE player can manage the raid on Normal, but Heroic might already be a problem, let alone Mythic. If you don’t want to waste time on failed runs, treat yourself to a nice little WoW CN Fated boost and let our boosters help you get all those rewards as fast as possible. 

Thirdly, Fated raids come with a set of special affixes, or Powers as they’re called in-game. Every time a raid is Fated, it features one of those affixes that significantly alters boss mechanics and the way each encounter is played. Can Castle Nathria Fated affixes boost your character’s powers? Yes, they certainly can, but they also provide stacking debuffs and inflict negative effects if left unchecked. That’s why it’s vital to learn your way around those Fated Powers as soon as you can. If you want to figure it all out without having to run Nathria dozens of times, then get yourself a WoW CN Fated carry and beat the raid together with our pros.

And finally, let’s talk about rewards. Fated raids bring a huge upgrade to loot drops, increasing item level all the way up to 300+ on Mythic Fated. Once again, the best rewards are not so easy to come by, but you can always take a nice shortcut with a Castle Nathria Fated boost

Explore Your Fated Castle Nathria Boosting Options

The best and most reasonable way to handle your Castle Nathria Fated farm is to turn to WowVendor’s services. It’ll save you tons of time and turn an otherwise nerve-wrecking raid run into a smooth and pleasant experience. With WowVendor, you don’t have to look for teammates and study raid strategies for hours anymore. Everything you need is right here on our website: from the best raid gear to full CN completions. 

So, what is Castle Nathria Fated boost all about?

Basically, you just team up with our boosters and have a blast playing your favorite game. As of now, we provide only selfplayed carries that require your participation, but once the Piloted mode is available, we’ll update the offers for you to have more options to choose from. For more info, please read offer descriptions or contact our Support team.

A standard Castle Nathria Fated carry includes 9\10 or 10\10 boss kills (you select the needed number yourself), no loot traders, and a maximum of two looted items per run. Advanced and Premium packages come with loot traders and up to seven guaranteed items for your character, so if you want to make the most of your CN run, it’s better to pick a more extended package of Castle Nathria Fated services. We also have a 3 In 1 Bundle, which includes full completions of all three Fated raids – just the right boost for those who aim at getting Season 4 exclusive mount and achievement. 

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