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WowVendor Call of Duty Vanguard Boosting Services to Help You Ace the Game

Call of Duty games is something like your favorite Christmas tree toy. On the eve of the holidays, it will undoubtedly warm all fans of first-person shooters, and especially old-school fans of the series. In every new year, there is a new CoD. This already looks more like a tradition. And even though the game has not been associated with any innovations for a long time, all fans, as before, are looking forward to new parts. 

Developers get scolded more out of the compulsive necessity than for real reasons. Deep down, everybody knows that something super-new is not needed. We would like everything to be familiar, but a little in a new way. And in this sense, Call of Duty: Vanguard will appeal to absolutely everyone. It has everything that we have been waiting for.

Why get a Call of Duty Vanguard boost in the first place?

CoD Vanguard boosting is a service provided by a team of professional boosters and players, thanks to which absolutely everyone can feel like a pro-gamer. Our CoD Vanguard carries are experienced game veterans who will help you upgrade and strengthen your account in the shortest possible time and absolutely safely. We do not use any third-party software, cheats, bugs, or anything that could get you banned. Our boosters will pump your weapon efficiently, quickly, and safely, unlock new goodies, and boost your KD coefficient.

Namely, you can employ services like:



Vanguard boosting services help rapidly upgrade your account level and prestige. The account level shows your progress throughout the season and controls access to new – seasonal quests. But the level of prestige is achieved through the passage of farm levels. As a result, you will receive many in-game rewards such as emblems, weapon blueprints, and prestige keys. For fast and high-quality leveling up to the maximum level, CoD Vanguard boosters will complete game quests, gain a lot of experience in unrated games, and do much more for you.


With the help of the weapon boost service, you will receive the maximum pumped gun, the upgrade of which you will choose initially. The booster will use weapons in unrated battles to upgrade them and increase their effectiveness.

And purchasing the Atomic Weapon Camo Boost service, you will get access to elite camouflage. To get the Atomic camouflage, the character needs to go through several quests with weapons and fulfill the requirements. Weapon camouflages are a unique skin for your cannon, they can be different – from common to more prestigious, CoD Vanguard boosting will help you to get any of them in no time.

Why go for CoD Vanguard carry services from WowVendor?

WowVendor is a digital service provider with over 8 years of experience, more than 17,815 real player reviews, with an average rating of 4.9 on Trustpilot. You can count on us to help answer any of your questions 24/7 via Live Chat, Discord, or Skype. WowVendor covers game boosts across all leading gaming platforms such as PC, Xbox, PS, and Switch.

US server players choose WowVendor‘s CoD Vanguard boost service because of its stability, security, efficiency, and the combination of all this with a good price. No one can argue with this. Here at WowVendor, we emphasize that our professionals do not use any third-party software or cheats. The same applies to our Vanguard boosters – a team of real Call of Duty veterans who have proven themselves more than once in previous versions of the series, real killer monsters that will destroy any team, any enemy. You have never seen anything like this before.

Why get Vanguard boosting at all?

To stay competitive in Call of Duty, you will have to spend hours on end pumping your character and dealing with all types of weapons. It’s almost impossible to keep up with the times without playing the game all day. We make sure that you can still achieve the desired in-game rewards and enjoy the process of playing on a pumped-up account, even if you have little free time. This is why Vanguard services are so popular among players. Join and become a desired teammate in any party and the most dangerous enemy your opponents will ever see.

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